DLAW 6: Open Source Platform for Public Information Websites

The DLAW 6 Project

Median SEO scores for DLAW/OpenAdvocate websites by DLAW version. Graphic by Abhijeet Chavan.
DLAW Version 5 websites SEO scores compared to median for other platforms
DLAW Version 6.7 websites SEO scores compared to median for other platforms

What’s New in DLAW 6

Search Engine Optmization (SEO)

  • Updated structured data implementation using Schema.org. Schema.org is a community-developed approach for websites to send structured data to search engine robots, helping them to understand your content and create well-presented search results.
  • Added new Event Location field to the Events feature. This field is used to present structured data about the event’s location to search engines using Schema.org markup.
  • Improvements in page speed for faster displaying of web pages.
  • Automatically-updated XML sitemap to facilitate site indexing by search engines.
  • New Expanded Topics option for the home page Topics block. The new setting displays the top-level topics in a larger font and also lists up to 5 sub-topics under each top-level topic. The Expanded option makes the home page Topics block more prominent and useful.
  • SEO-friendly URLs for Topics feature.
  • New URL Redirects feature: Requests to old/incorrect URLs can redirected to the new/correct URL.
  • Add a Editable Page Summary to important pages. This is only seen by search engines. DLAW automatically generates a summary based on the first few lines of a page but a manually-written summary is better for SEO.
    Several SEO refinements and validation features for options.
  • New SEO Checklist Report to help you evaluate and improve your website’s SEO.
SEO Report Tool in DLAW 6

Sitewide Settings

  • Enable or disable Feedback feature across the entire website. (Activate on Site Settings control panel.)
  • Sitewide option to display the date on a page was last modified. (Activate on Site Settings control panel.)
  • Ability to upload custom favicon for the website.
  • Automatic Feedback maintenance: DLAW will retain feedback votes and comments for up to 1 year.
  • All OpenAdvocate websites now run over HTTPS/SSL for improved security.

Web Accessibility Improvements

Plain Language Tool Integration

Website Search

  • New auto-suggest feature when entering search keywords in site search.
  • Improved handling of misspelled search keywords in site search.
  • Refined website search results presentation.

Dashboard and Reports

  • New reports on recent and top Website Searches.
  • New management dashboard includes new features and refinements to make it easier to manage your website, review website content, and optimize your website for search engines (SEO). Read on for more details about the new dashboard.

Using the new DLAW6 Dashboard

DLAW 6 Dashboard

Add Content

Page Views in the last 30 days

Site usage in last 30 days

Recent Site Searches

Website Summary

  • Days since last update: Try to update your website regularly, preferably at least once every 30 days
  • Drafts: Use link to quickly get to all unpublished pages.
  • Promoted Page: Review the pages you have promoted to show up higher in website search results
  • Pages more than one year old: Review all pages that were last updated more than one year ago. Look for outdated information and broken links. Update as needed or edit-and-save to refresh last-updated date.

Most visited pages in last 30 days

  • Last updated: If a page was last updated more than one year ago, review and update it.
  • Page views in the last 30 days
  • Feedback: To review all feedback numbers, hover over the chart bar. This shows the all-time total number of feedback votes received (Green = Very helpful; Yellow = Somewhat helpful; Red = Not helpful)






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